Community Services and Economic Development

Program Title:
Economic Stimulus Package

Like most California cities, the slowdown in the economy severely hindered Lancaster businesses. Unwilling to wait for federal programs to be implemented, Lancaster was one of the first cities to launch an Economic Stimulus Program of its own. This comprehensive plan consisted of 22 programs, ranging from merchant assistance and hospitality to construction and developer/broker assistance, all of which helped create jobs and spur local spending. The goal was to generate upwards of $110 million in local economic activity; in all, the City's $400,000 investment successfully generated an economic impact of more than $123 million dollars to the local economy.

Joe Cabral , Communications Manager

Enhancing Public Trust, Ethics, & Community Involvement

Program Title: Cupertino Block Leader Program

To create a closer, more connected community in a highly-diverse city, Cupertino created a civic engagement program that helps residents improve communication, increase public safety, and bridge cultural divides at the neighborhood level. The Block Leader Program enables residents to address common issues and have easy, comfortable access to city services. Consequently, the vital link with block leaders allows the City to provide pertinent and timely information directly to neighborhoods.

Laura Domondon Lee, Community Relations Coordinator

Health & Wellness Programs

Program Title: Whittier Greenway Trail

The Whittier Greenway Trail is a 4.5-mile multi-modal recreation and commuter bikeway and pedestrian path installed on an abandoned railroad corridor. The trail begins on the west city boundary near Los Angeles County's San Gabriel River Bike Trail and travels through Whittier, linking schools, homes, parks, shopping areas, and transit stops. Public art and interpretive exhibits dot the pathway. Area residents use the Whittier Greenway Trail for recreation, transportation, exercise, or to simply enjoy the outdoors with a conservatively estimated 182,500 annual trips. This significant community facility was funded by $15,000,000 in federal, state and county grants.

Nancy Mendez , Assistant City Manager

Housing Programs & Innovations

Santa Clarita
Program Title: Extreme Neighborhood Makeover

The Extreme Neighborhood Makeover Program involves a unique and bold step by the City, in partnership with the community to help resolve neighborhood beautification and safety issues proactively. The goal is to help maximize property values throughout our neighborhoods and best assist individual property owners with challenges they face in complying with the law.

Ken Pulskamp , City Manager

Internal Administration

Rancho Cordova
Program Title: Rancho Cordova 's Annual Corporate Report

Rancho Cordova 's annual Corporate Report is a businesslike approach to sharing information about the City's financial condition within the context of the global, national, state and regional economies that impact local government.

Stephanie Snyder , Senior Management Analyst

League Partners Award for Excellence in City-Business Relations

Program Title: Beaumont Economic Stimulus Program

The City of Beaumont's local Economic Stimulus Program has spurred economic growth in our community through slashing development fees, encouraging sustainable development, and offering deferred interest on the City portion of property tax bills.

Darci Carranza , Public Information Officer

Planning & Environmental Quality

South San Francisco
Program Title: Centennial Way

Centennial Way transforms a once "unbuildable" swath of land above the Colma to Millbrae BART extension into an amenity-rich, Class 1 bikeway and linear park. Running through the heart of South San Francisco, this three-mile long corridor provides key connections to BART stations, schools, services, jobs, and housing while augmenting non-motorized transportation options on the Peninsula. Since its dedication in 2008, Centennial Way has become one of the most heavily-used park spaces in the City. It has become a point of pride for the community and adds to their recreational, visual, and overall quality of life.

Sharon Ranals , Director of Recreation and Community Services

Public Safety

Program Title: Operation Peacekeeper

Operation Peacekeeper is an innovative program with a specific mission of reducing youth gang membership and violence. Youth outreach workers, formerly gang members themselves, were screened and hired by the city to interact with youths and to provide positive alternatives to gang membership through long-term mentoring. Workers also coordinate delivery of various resources. Youths are primarily 10-18 years old and oftentimes they have already exhibited violence and/or been handled within the criminal justice system. A systematic approach is used to evaluate each youth referred to the program. As youths progress they are provided more services and the critical component of having at least one responsible adult (the outreach worker) in their lives. Successful steps are recognized and rewarded with a combination of praise, stipends, field trips etc. A strong partnership between Operation Peacekeeper program staff and governmental agencies, along with non-profit and community-based organizations, makes prevention/intervention efforts effective. The program is located in the city manager's office.

Ralph M. Womack , Program Manager

Public Works, Infrastructure and Transportation

Program Title: Washington Boulevard / Paseo Padre Grade Separation Project

The Washington Boulevard/Paseo Padre Parkway Grade Separation Project utilized innovative solutions and public/private partnerships to provide measurable improvements for the local community and general public. For the local community, it provides safe and uninterrupted traffic flow at railroad crossings, eliminates train horns, adds bicycle and pedestrian circulation, landscaping beautification, and a pedestrian/bicycle bridge for a future trail, which will link the downtown with the Lake Elizabeth recreational area. For the region, it is a major stepping stone for Bay Area transportation as it facilitates the BART extension from Fremont to Warm Springs and ultimately to San Jose.

Jim Pierson , Transportation and Operations Director

Ruth Vreeland Award for Engaging Youth in City Government

Los Gatos
Program Title: Youth Commission - Youth Friendly Business Program

The Los Gatos Youth Commission, in partnership with the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce, has launched a Youth Friendly Business Program to recognize businesses in Los Gatos who support or provide services for youth. 45 businesses have been recognized as \"youth friendly\" in the commission's first review of community nominations. Businesses receive a letter acknowledging the recognition as well as a window decal for display. Businesses are listed in Chamber and Town of Los Gatos marketing/web materials. Each year, at least one business will be formally recognized as the Youth Friendly Business of the Year.

Scott Seaman , Chief of Police